Best show for Joinerysoft
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Best show ever for Joinerysoft at W14

Posted in None in Oct 2014

A good number of visitors and high interest in Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software, JMS, has led Alan Turner, Managing Director at Joinerysoft to call W14 the best show ever at the NEC.

Best show for Joinerysoft

Joinerysoft’s new software JMS-Pro attracted visitors to the stand throughout the four days of W14, 5-8th October 2014. Customers were impressed with the additional functionality of the estimating and manufacturing software which provides users with detailed management information to support production. Another feature that caused much excitement was the machine linking capabilities of the software.

Joinerysoft’s Engineering Director, Brian Workman was on hand to offer in depth explanations of just why and how Joinerysoft has so much capability. Machinery manufacturers visited the stand for demonstrations and expressed interest too.

With a larger presence than at previous shows Joinerysoft featured demonstration points for their JMS software and JMS-Pro, as well as a presentation theatre offering customer workshops.

Existing customers to the stand benefitted from free training sessions offered at the customer workshops to enhance their skills further and see new features demonstrated.

Alan Turner comments, “We are pleased that visitors to the stand are just as excited about the new developments at Joinerysoft as we are. With sales at the show and the number of leads we have to follow up over the next few weeks, W14 was for us the best joinery and furniture manufacturing show ever.”

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