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CR Joinery recommends Joinerysoft again and again

Posted in None in Mar 2014

Cliff Bateman, owner of C.R. Joinery Ltd has been in the joinery industry for around 35 years. Manufacturing bespoke timber windows, doors & screens in Essex, Cliff has always had a reputation for reliability and quality. Until 3 years ago his client base was predominantly councils & trade builders but cutbacks and less favourable contracts lead him to question this decision and resulted in diversification into the domestic market.

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This change while proving beneficial has meant a lot more work in quoting and communicating with customers who now more often than not don’t know what they want. Cliff explains, “The domestic market has a wider variety of jobs and more scope for expansion; however domestic customers are like babies; need a lot of attention and take up more time.” With increased number of quotes and a greater dependence on detailed and accurate quotations, Cliff knew he needed to speed up the process. This was when he decided to view Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS).

Recognising the potential Cliff decided to purchase JMS in April 2012. Since then he has noticed a huge reduction in the amount of time he has to spend producing quotations. Customers still require frequent phone calls but JMS detailed quotations provide everything they need to know about their order including true scale images. Cliff is able to redirect the customer back to the quote when they have queries making his life much easier. He says, “This job is also about educating the customer to understand the differences between timber or paint finishes. Every order is bespoke and the quotations by hand used to take me several hours to do each one. JMS now provides the full detail behind each and every component and provides a full specification including the u-value of the item so customers know exactly what they are getting.” Adding, “I can now provide detailed quotations in just minutes and be sure that the prices are accurate for each specific item.” Quotes can even be emailed directly from JMS.

Cliff describes himself as not overly conversant with computers, and previously had help in the office with quoting. Since the purchase of JMS, Cliff has been able to go it alone in the office aided by the joinery terminology and intuitive nature of the quoting and production software. Cliff says, “Having a time served joiner doing the training was important. I don’t think it could be any other way – they need to have a good background in joinery and know the technical talk”. He adds, “The two days training were good, but I’ve also learnt a lot by just having a go. Ongoing support from Joinerysoft has been very useful, responding to any queries I’ve had quickly. They’ve also been able to remotely log on to my computer and demonstrate how to do things I’ve forgotten.”

Pre-JMS quoting used to be delayed if the workshop was busy often leading Cliff to catch up in the evenings. He adds, “Although quoting is very important I used to dread it. I am pleased to have my life back again and now have more time to spend with my family and friends.”

The software has freed Cliff from being trapped in the office too. He is able to get out more, visiting customers and increase marketing in areas where he is installing, often leading to similar work in the neighbourhood.

The software is not limited to quoting says Cliff, “I am amazed at how much it does and how much time it saves me. I use JMS not only for quoting but also for order confirmation, glass and timber ordering, and producing cutting lists. JMS also calculates u-values for me and produces my CE labels.” Cliff is already planning to utilise the machine linking properties of JMS perhaps investing in a window line machine in the future.

The joiners at CR Joinery are also fans of the detailed cutting list diagrams produced automatically from JMS. Cliff confirms, “It’s all there in black & white and removes the need for setting out with rods, further saving time in the workshop.”

He concludes, “I’ve already recommended Joinerysoft to four other joinery companies. The software is bringing more money in and helping us to grow. Pricing is more accurate leading to increased profit margins. Overall it is a good time saver and profit margin booster.”

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