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Enhanced support for Joinerysoft users

Posted in None in Sep 2012

John Berry, working within Joinerysoft Customer Support for over 6 years, has recently been promoted to Support Manager providing additional support for our overseas customer support representatives. A trained joiner John worked in the industry for 32 years before joining the team at Joinerysoft. John says, "The role that our customer support team plays is vital, and I am looking forward to expanding the team while maintaining our high standards."

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Joinerysoft's Customer Support Team provide on-site installation and training as well as remote assistance. Customers who sign up for support and maintenance not only receive telephone support, but also have access to specialist advice through remote log in, allowing Joinerysoft's experienced support team to remotely demonstrate how to complete a task - an effective learning tool in itself A key component of the support and maintenance contract is the free upgrade to new releases. This means that customers who subscribe to support and maintenance will receive ALL version 4's new features for FREE.

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