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JMS improves productivity at Sashworks

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Jun 2009

Looking to purchase new machinery to improve productivity, Sashworks came to the conclusion that the best investment they could make wasn’t a new machine at all, but Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software, JMS.


Starting twenty years ago, Sashworks has grown to 5 joiners and specialises in Sash Windows. Now based in Lockerbie, they hold the Ventrolla, draft proofing Master Licence for the whole of Scotland. They provide sash windows throughout the country and have 4-5 installation teams, as well as providing backup support for Scottish franchises under their licence

Wanting to improve productivity but content to remain at their current size, two years ago they looked at a number of options including the purchase of additional machinery. Unable to find a machine which fitted their needs exactly, they also reviewed Joinerysoft’s JMS software and discovered that the software was the best option for them. It would fit in with what they wanted to do, and at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

At the time the joiners were individually working out their own cutting lists and ordering glass, responsible for making each window from start to finish. The cutting list and glass calculations could take up to an hour and a half to complete for each window. Now the workshop foreman, Kevin, is able to provide all cutting lists and glass sizes through JMS. This one improvement has brought them productivity savings.

JMS has given Sashworks more time in the workshop simply by using JMS cutting lists. Bruce McGowan, Managing Director, admits the joiners in the workshop found it hard initially because everything was laid out differently and it all looked new. Once JMS had been explained to them they have been pleased with the improvement and find the new reports quite straight forward with diagrams too. Bruce describes the biggest improvement in setting out. With everything provided for them including horizontal and vertical setting out points, now all they have to do is hook a tape on the bottom of the sash rail and mark it with a pencil. The job can be completed in a fraction of the time.

One of the biggest obstacles against using joinery software can be the fear of computers. Bruce admits to being sceptical at first that joiners with no computer experience would be able to use JMS. He says, “Our only concern was how simple it would be to use. Once we were shown a demonstration we had no worries.” His workshop foreman, Kevin has proved how easy it is to use. With minimal computer knowledge; effectively limited to sending and receiving emails, Kevin has been able to pick up JMS quickly with just two days training.

Bruce adds, “Joinerysoft are friendly and approachable. Even if people are struggling, customer support is only a phone call away. Joinerysoft can actually go online and move the cursor for customers, demonstrating how to do something. From that point, the backup is excellent. I have no problems recommending Joinerysoft to someone else.”

He adds, “Having an installer who was also a time-served joiner was also helpful because he knew what we were talking about. He knew the software well and understood our requirements to ensure that JMS was set up specifically to our requirements in Scotland.”

JMS has also helped them to cut down on the number of miss-measures and glass units ordered incorrectly. This has saved wastage, and reduced losses, leading to improved profit. Ordering glass early before the windows are made has improved lead times too.

Sashworks manufacture approximately 250/300 sashes each month, and around 100 cases. Considering that cutting lists used to be calculated manually that is a lot of time saved. Approximately 20 man hours per week.

Bruce describes JMS as the “best investment ever made. Twelve months down the line it has pound for pound been a fantastic investment. JMS has definitely increased productivity. The business is the same size but our output has increased.”

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