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CE Marking made easy with JMS

What is CE Marking?

CE marking is relevant for almost all external timber windows and doors that are required to comply with building regulations.

CE marking is the key indicator of a products compliance with EU (European Union) legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market. The CE mark is specified by the EU but refers to relevant country’s regulations. Within the UK, CE marking enforces compliance with building regulations Part L and refers to:

  • The overall/full window u-value
  • The window restrictor, if used
  • A Declaration of Performance (DOP)

Find out more about CE Marking here.

Requirements of CE Marking

To comply with CE marking you need to have:

  1. A Factory Production Control System in place.
  2. A Declaration of Performance (DOP).
  3. The ability to calculate a full u-value.
  4. A way of applying a CE mark for each window and door with a label or within the packaging of the product.

Joinerysoft’s Solution

JMS provides a complete solution for joinery manufacturers to CE mark external windows and doors by allowing you access to:

  • A Factory Production Control system
  • Declaration of Performance, with verified u-values, cascaded down to Joinerysoft customers.
  • U-values verified by BSI, the British Standards Company.
  • Creating CE label’s
  • Factory Production Control (FPC)

The FPC documents your processes and provides the Declaration of Performance (DOP). The FPC is useful not just for CE marking but helps manage your business too. It documents all aspects of a joinery business; from machinery maintenance and calibration records to staff information and training records. The FPC is a valuable tool in its own right and benefits all joinery manufacturers, even those in countries which don’t require CE marking.

Joinerysoft’s U-Values Verified by BSI

Joinerysoft’s u-values calculated within JMS are verified by UK notified body bsi. Not only does this give all joinery manufacturers more credibility with your customers but if you employ over 10 staff, it is a legal requirement.

Printing CE Labels

To print CE labels you need to have completed the FPC system so that you can produce all of the relevant documentation such as the DOP. You will also need to have a valid maintenance and support contract with Joinerysoft and a thermal transfer label printer.

CE labels need to be attached to the jonery item, which means that once installed CE labels are not always visible. In addition to printing CE Labels JMS also provides supporting documentation to give to your customers, so that even after installation your customer will have supporting documents to refer to.

To print CE labels, JMS only connects with the TSC TTP-255 label printer, which can be purchased separately or from Joinerysoft.

Printer Options: Network or USB

If you wish to print CE labels from more than one computer you will require the network version of the TSC TTP-225 label printer, otherwise the USB printer plugs into the back of your computer and is therefore only suitable for printing from one computer.

To help our customers who are required to CE mark, Joinerysoft have negotiated discounted prices for CE label printers, labels and ribbons, making use of our large customer base to bring you bulk purchasing discounts.

QR Codes on CE Labels

Every CE label has a unique QR code which can be scanned by the cutomer to provide access to view the Declaration of Performance specific to the joinery item.

This provides your end customer with greater confidence in your compliance with CE marking regulations.

Printers & Accessories

For more information about printers and accessories required for CE marking in JMS please contact us.

Please note:

The FPC, u-values and CE marking are only available with a valid Maintenance and Support contract.

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