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Joinerysoft is the leading supplier of software to the bespoke joinery market (known to some as custom joinery, heritage joinery or fenestration). Our Joinery Management Software (JMS) helps you to improve efficiency and productivity, helping you to gain a competitive advantage.

We provide a total package for joiners producing timber windows, sliding sash, doors, screens, stairs, gates and other custom joinery items. Designed to be easy to use you don't have to know anything about computers to use it, simply joinery. Our woodworking software helps you to manage your business from initial enquiry right through to producing the final product. Now JMS even calculates U values for all custom windows, doors and screens.

Designed by joiners for joiners JMS has been developed to assist all joinery / milling companies from the one man band up to large joinery companies with 20+ joiners.


Energy Ratings/U-Values JMS4/JMS Pro Cross Sections CE Markings

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CE Marking Update

Joinerysoft have been working with UK notified bodies to include CE marking within JMS in time for the 1st July 2013 deadine. Joinerysoft's u-values are verified by bsi, a UK notified body.


Customers of Joinerysoft with up to date annual support and maintenance are able to receive CE marking as a free upgrade.

NOT up to date with support and maintenance? Call us now on +44 (0) 01608 433302 to discuss upgrading options.

The requirement to CE mark external timber windows and doors became mandatory on 1st July 2013.

CE marking is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with EU (European Union) legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market. CE marking confirms that a product satisfies the legislative requirements, e.g. a harmonised level of safety, to be sold there. It means that the manufacturer has verified that the product complies with all relevant essential requirements, eg health and safety requirements, of the applicable directive(s) or, if stipulated in the directive(s), had it examined by a notified conformity assessment body.


The CE mark is specified by the EU but refers to the relevant country’s regulations. Within the UK this enforces compliance with Building Regulations (Part L), which is applicable for all external windows and doors covered by the legislation. Within the UK the legislation is enforced by Trading Standards, NOT building regulations.

CE Marking affects ALL joinery manufacturers. DO NOT think that because you make a one off window or door that you will not have to CE mark. This is not true.

If an item requires a U-value then it also  needs a CE mark.


Some joinery companies are still not providing u-values or the correct u-value, which relate to building regulations – Part L. This stipulates (since October 2010) that external windows need to have a u-value of 1.6 for a renovation project (or 2 in a new build) and external doors require a u-value of 1.8. If you are currently just calling the local glazing company for the u-value of the glass this is not the same as the overall u-value. The overall u-value is based on the following;  type of timber, centre pane u-value and the Psi value of the spacer bars (see below). It is likely although not confirmed that u-values will be lowered in April 2014.


If a u-value is not required due to conservation exclusion then CE marking will not be required either.


Most ‘Bespoke’ windows WILL require a u-value as they are not truly bespoke.  (Truly bespoke windows will be exempt from requiring u-value and therefore CE marking.)

How do you get CE marking? Why bother? What next?

Read the Full Article HERE ...

NEXT CE Marking Workshop - date to be confirmed...

For more information on the CE Marking Workshop please Click Here.

Want to order a printer or accessories?

As the leading supplier of software for the timber industry Joinerysoft have negotiated discounted prices for CE label printers, labels & ribbons.

Please click our online payment button below to order now. 


Online payment system for the CE marking workshop

Alternatively you can cut and paste the following link into your browser: 



New Software to be released soon....

We are currently finalising and testing our forthcoming release of Joinery Management Software – JMS Version 4 and JMS Pro.

JMS 4 and JMS Pro features include:

  • Cross sections
  • Cutouts
  • 3D imaging

JMS Pro is designed for joinery manufacturers that employ 10 or more joiners and provides a complete business software solution giving more management control and embracing all aspects of a growing business.

Additional features within JMS Pro:

  • Import/Export data from JMS to accounting programs such as Sage and Quickbooks
  • Compare actual and estimated manufacturing time.
  • Track jobs through production
  • Ability to batch jobs together
  • Phase/Split jobs
  • Machine set up and breakdown time
  • Built in CRM system to track customer requirements
  • Company and User Diary
  • Capacity Loading Charts for the workshop
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • View profiles at each process
  • Draw or import a dfx file to produce any profile shape

For more information or a free demonstration please call us on +44 (0)1608 643302+44 (0)1608 643302


Version 4 will be a FREE upgrade to JMS users who are up to date with their annual support and updates.

JMS Version 4 Training Workshops for Customers to be rolled out across UK...

Customers of Joinerysoft will have the opportunity to receive subsidised training workshops on JMS Version 4. Joinerysoft will be holding workshops throughout the U.K. to help existing customers learn how to use the exciting new features coming within JMS Version 4  More details to be announced shortly....


Automatic U-Value Calculator available NOW with JMS Support.

Confused by U-values? Picture

  • U-Values comply with 2010 building regulations
  • Calculate U-Values at design stage on the fly
  • Print U-Value Certificate to show compliance
  • Full window U-Values provided, NOT just centre pane
  • Provides detailed breakdown of U-Value


Building Regs Part L1A 2010 front page

Joinerysoft's u-values are verified by bsi, a UK notified body

Are you complying with Part L energy ratings?

From the 1 October 2010, Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales for the Conservation of Fuel and Power changed. From this date all new and replacement windows and door installations need to comply with the revised regulations.

Joinerysoft has simplified this process for you. Our software now automatically generates U Values for you for all custom windows, doors and screens. We are working with the British Woodworking Federation to certify our software so that you can meet the new regulations with ease.

To read more about this regulation visit the online version on or use these links to view Approved Document L1A (new dwellings) and Approved Document L1B (existing dwellings).

Version 4 includes Cross Sections!

Coming soon version 4 of JMS boasts cross sections. Useful to show your customers, workshop joiners or simply to check that you've selected the correct profile. Our powerful 3D diagrams can be rotated to any angle and boast a zoom in function to examine everything in more, and more detail. Click HERE for a closer view of cross sections.

JMS Cross Sections

Our Modules

Sliding Sash
Sliding Sash
Machine Output
Machine Output


JMS enables you to design and produce any bespoke or custom joinery, providing quick templates for casement windows, sliding sash, doors, screens, stairs, and gates. All templates can also be fully customised allowing you to make one-off items quickly and easily. We also provide a Machine Output module to automatically transfer data directly to your CNC machines. Our CNC software is not limited to a single CNC machine manufacturer and provides links to machines from a number of leading suppliers of CNC machining centres. Click on our Machine Output page for more information on our CNC software.

JMS Outputs

Click on one to find out more..

Order Confirmation
Order Confirmation
Supplier Orders
Supplier Orders
Cuttings Lists
Cutting Lists
Delivery Notes
Delivery Notes
Machine Output
Machine Output

Our Joinery Management Software provides a unique tool to help in all areas of your woodworking business. From joinery design to professional customer reports, to material management through to production and finally delivery, JMS provides a one-stop shop. Joiners buy JMS for many different reasons, but all can see the benefits for their business. Why not take a look today and call us for a personal demonstration.

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CR Joinery recommends Joinerysoft again and again

Cliff Bateman, owner of C.R. Joinery Ltd says, “I’ve already recommended Joinerysoft to four other joinery companies. The software is bringing more money in and helping us to grow. Pricing is more accurate leading to increased profit margins. Overall it is a good time saver and profit margin booster.”

Transformation at Advanced Joinery due to Joinerysoft

“Quoting is like fishing. The more lines you fish with the more bites you get. Joinerysoft makes that happen with consistent pricing and professional quotes. The speed of response I can now provide increases customer confidence and has definitely led to increased orders.” Lee Ellis, Advanced Joinery

No Ifs and Buts

Steve Fowler, General Manager at G. Empson & Sons, near Scunthorpe describes the decision to purchase Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS) as essential. He says, “The consistent pricing and visual presentation of the quotes impressed me, but once I realised it could also do CE marking the software became a ‘must’. There were no if’s and but’s about it.”

Engineering Director Appointed at Joinerysoft

JOINERYSOFT has appointed Brian Workman as Engineering Director working within the development team in Somerset. Since joining at the beginning of July he has already implemented new testing procedures that will ensure the upcoming JMS release will be as error free as possible. His main focus is to improve the overall development environment and methodologies to ensure the final elements of JMS 4 and PRO are completed as efficiently as possible.

JMS Proves Essential to Rudd Joinery

Jamie says that it is hard to summarise the best advantage of JMS, since there are so many. It has definitely made Rudd joinery more customer focused, providing customers with professional quotes, with quick turnaround times. It also makes it easier for the joiners in the workshop. With each new update that Joinerysoft bring out Jamie is able to alter JMS and improve how they use it. He says, “As a small firm I can really see the benefit of JMS. As well as making me compliant with CE legislation the new Factory Production Control System helps me to easily keep track of training completed by my joiners and reminds me when my machines need servicing with a visible schedule.”

2nd Workshop on CE Marking well received

Customer of Joinerysoft, Jamie of Rudd Joinery in Norfolk commented, “As a small firm I can really see the benefit of JMS. As well as making me compliant with CE legislation the new Factory Production Control System helps me to easily keep track of training completed by my joiners and reminds me when my machines need servicing with a visible schedule.”

Joinerysoft's MD completes cycling's toughest challenge for charity

On 6th July 2013, Alan Turner, Managing Director of Joinerysoft took part in the La Marmotte race for local appeal Go Johnny Go. Even with 9 months intensive training behind him Alan describes the race as, “the toughest challenge I’ve ever done in my life. La Marmotte is considered to be one of the hardest and most dangerous of amateur rides anywhere in the world. To have completed it is a real achievement.”

Joinerysoft CE Marking Workshop a Great Success

During the workshop Joinerysoft’s Managing Director, Alan Turner demonstrated how to set up the JMS factory production control system and explained the intricacies of when to CE mark and when not to. Representatives from BWF, Leitz Tooling UK, Felder, Coastal, Mighton Products and Timbmet also exhibited and networked with delegates during session breaks.

CE marking NEWS

Important information for all joinery manufacturers regarding CE markings. What is CE marking? What does it mean? Does it affect me? How do you get CE marking? Why bother? What next? Read article for more information

Facebook and JMS software provide a modern approach for RL Joinery

Robin Carter of RL Joinery believes that having software is important in today’s competitive market and provides him with the skills he needs to keep ahead and grow the business. He adds, “The speed in which I can now quote means that I am able to quote more and therefore win more orders. The improved efficiency through the workshop with JMS also means that I can complete more jobs.”

JMS leads to 20% increase in sales

Simon Phillips of Oakleigh Joinery says, “I was missing out before I purchased JMS. I like the speed and efficiency and versatility of the software." Adding, "The software works brilliantly for my high performance windows and I don't know how I would supply u-values without JMS."

Causeway Joinery choose JMS software for bespoke joinery

Keen to see the business moving forward, Paul has in the last 12 months invested in Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software for quoting and manufacturing as well as a Trend window system which links to it. After a demonstration by Joinerysoft he could see that not only would it quote large jobs quickly, the software would also handle the custom joinery that was key to their business. Paul explains, “We do all bespoke work, including windows, doors, stairs and kitchens. No two jobs are ever the same and sometimes every item in the job is different too. We need software that can handle the variety of joinery that we produce but also quote quickly.”

Joinerysoft benefits A Dee Kay Joinery

Though initially hesitant to purchase quoting software when David Lennon, Director of A Dee Kay Joinery viewed the improvements to Joinerysoft's JMS (Joinery Management Software) he was so impressed that he decided to purchase it immediately.

Laverack Joinery saves time with JMS

Purchasing Joinerysoft's Joinery Management Software (JMS) nearly two years ago, Robert Laverack owner of Laverack Joinery Ltd acknowledges that though it seemed a big step at the time, two years on he wouldn't let anyone take the software away from him.

Professional quotes provide clarity for Fletcher Joinery

Peter Fletcher of Fletcher Joinery comments, “I am very happy with JMS and have been for many years. I bought the software because it is versatile enough for our bespoke joinery, providing detailed diagrams and an effective method of presenting joinery items in a professional manner. JMS still saves us a significant amount of time both in the workshop and in the office and the professional approach has won us work.”

"Joinerysoft has a really good relationship with its customers and works with us to tackle any new challenges we throw at them to get the best product available."

"JMS has definitely helped us to win orders - no question at all, by the speed of quoting and professional presentation."
Woodmaster Joinery


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