10 Reasons to Buy Software

Ever asked yourself:

Is software for bespoke or custom joinery worth the money?

We give you 10 reasons to justify the expense examining everything from winning orders, time savings, and financial payback.

Time Savings in Quoting

Reason 1: Time Savings in Quoting

With a vast amount of your time spent on quoting, and often causing bottlenecks in the rest of the business, most business owners recognise the need to improve efficiency in this area. After all, the more quotes you respond to, the more orders you are in a position to win!

How long does it take you to quote a typical joinery job? For example a 3 bed house with 11 items, made up of 8 windows and 3 doors?

Manually (2 hours ) | With Software (30 mins) = Time saving of 1.5 hours.

If quoting in a quarter of the time sounds attractive, why not see what else software can do?

I now spend 80% less time quoting joinery and more time in the workshop producing it.” He adds, “I’ve been impressed with the speed I can generate a quote, even quite big ones. This means I can now offer an improved service to my customers by providing prices for three different timber species. It makes me look like I am going the extra mile and customers don’t need to know it takes me ten seconds to change the timber type!

Tom Renshaw, Groby Joinery

Reason 2: Cost Savings & Financial Payback

If you save 75% of your time when quoting, how much of a saving is this in practise?

On just one quote, if you save 1 hr 30mins per quote, this can equate to £50.25 savings on quoting alone. Conservatively working on 3 quotes per week this adds up to £150.75 per week. This is less than the weekly cost of purchasing the software in the first place!

The cost savings aren’t limited to just quoting either. With material ordering, and

workshop cutting lists produced automatically once the design is confirmed, you can save up to 5hrs 30mins on each overall job. Again this equates to a cost saving of £178.67 per job. Is software

sounding more attractive yet? Don’t make up your mind yet, there are still eight more reasons to go!

Cost Savings & Financial Payback

Our profitability keeps increasing year on year, and I know that JMS has played a part in that.

Lee Crookes, Crookes and Son Traditional Joinery


Reason 3: Professionalism

With all your documentation looking professional from the initial quote (headed paper, personalised text, layouts to suit different customers), your customers’ immediately see a company that knows what they are doing. With all paperwork from initial quote through to order confirmation, material ordering, cutting lists, delivery notes and invoicing having the same professional standards, you have credibility from day one, without the customer knowing how easy this is to produce with the right software.

I knew Joinerysoft would provide professional estimates, speed up the quoting process and provide accurate cutting lists for the workshop. What I didn’t realise was how much it allows me to analyse other aspects of my business.

Andrew Miller, Andrew Miller Architectural Joinery


Reason 4: Clarity

Software not only allows you to design and quote but provides a clearly documented specification. Your customer can clearly see what you’ve quoted, with true scale images providing clarity and detailed descriptions including fittings and finishing ensuring they have all the right information to approve the work without delay. Itemised costs also help further and ensure the customer knows exactly what they are getting and paying!

With true scale diagrams customers can clearly see what they are getting. It helps give our customers confidence that we understand their requirements.

Richard Porter, East Yorkshire Joinery Ltd

Customer Confidence

Reason 5: Customer Confidence

It goes without saying that greater professionalism and clarity give your customer confidence. Often it isn’t about just one thing. It is the overall impression that you give your customer that means they believe in you as a company.

The JMS software is easy to use and gives customers confidence that we understand their requirements

Wullie Urquhart, David Urquhart Joiners

Reason 6: Win Work

Reason 6: Win Work

Reasons three to five are related. All together they equal one thing – More work. Greater customer confidence, and faster quotes mean you get back to the customer while the project is still hot. Customers are more likely to place an order if they receive a professional quote back in a prompt manner.

We are winning more orders as JMS has given us a competitive edge

Simon Walker Smart, Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) Manufacturing

Reduces Disputes

Reason 7: Reduces Disputes

The additional detail customers receive from your quotation software, and the professional printouts which make it easy to print and request signed order confirmations means that not only are disputes reduced they are also easier to win if they do occur.

It is now easy to ask customers to sign an order confirmation, which removes disputes later and JMS can also specify a deposit required before the job is started

Stephen Rawlings, Rawlings Joinery

Faster Payments

Reason 8: Faster Payments

Paperwork that consistently displays the job with clarity means that your customer has little reason to delay payment. There is no confusion over the final price or specification and clear invoices that include the same diagrams and details as the quotes means that the customer can match up quote to invoice quickly and speed up payments.

Jobs are now completed 20% faster which means that orders can be delivered and invoiced far quicker further improving our profitability and credibility.

Peter Fletcher, Fletcher Joinery

Time Savings in the Workshop

Reason 9: Time Savings in the Workshop

Benefit from fewer questions from bench joiners due to clearer instructions and automatically produced cuttings lists providing greater accuracy. You can expect improved standards (everyone working to the same tolerances) and visibility of what’s going through workshop.

JMS provides a simple way of relaying information to the workshop floor. I believe it’s made us more efficient and makes things run smoothly

Chris Sandercock

Accurate Material Ordering

Reason 10: Accurate Material Ordering

Ensuring you’ve ordered everything for an order can be a headache. Missed items or incorrect items can eat into profit margins. Software can provide accurate and detailed lists of all materials that are needed for each job.

Glass sheets can even include diagrams of margin bars so you can be sure that your supplier knows what you want, with the greater clarity improving relationships with your suppliers. Confidence in your software can also lead to ordering glass early, removing delays waiting for materials to arrive and ultimately lead to faster delivery and faster payments.

I can now order timber directly from the wood summary which is more accurate and leads to less waste. The accuracy of JMS also allows me to order the glass at the start of each job, avoiding the bottleneck of waiting for glass to arrive.” He adds, “It saves us so much time and work!

Paul Brumfield, Kings Cliffe Joinery

What Are You Waiting For?

These are just ten reasons to purchase software, though there are more! With time and cost savings from quoting right through to material ordering and production. There aren’t many reasons left to delay. Certainly the cost savings directly equate to more than the initial purchase price, so conservatively you can expect a return on investment, within 12 months. With software paying for itself in the first 12 months, further cost savings can directly improve your profit margins, or provide capital for further investment in tooling or machines. The choice is yours. Can you afford not to purchase?

There comes a point in your business where if you don’t have the right software you will fail; I was wasting so much time quoting that the cost of not having it outweighed the cost of purchasing JMS.

Ian Selby, Timbawood

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