Government’s timber initiative: building a sustainable future- good news for the joinery industry?


The UK government is looking to enhance sustainability and tap into the local timber industry's potential. Observing a disparity in timber-framed homes between England (9%) and Scotland (92%) in 2019, the government aims to increase the use of domestic timber, decrease imported material reliance, and stimulate the economy. The focus is on higher planting rates and leveraging woodlands' economic potential for a net-zero future in buildings, including homes and schools. The 2023 Environmental Improvement Plan supports this commitment with sustainable timber growth strategies. The government has also allocated £7.6 million to foster innovation and efficiency in forestry.

In promoting timber as a primary construction material, the Government is adopting a multifaceted approach to enhance workforce skills and competency. Initiatives from early education to professional development will aim to attract and retain talent. By increasing visibility of forestry and timber careers, diversifying the workforce, and establishing clear career pathways, the Government and industry are hoping to foster a dynamic workforce. Creative solutions to apprenticeship challenges, alongside continuous professional development, will ensure practitioners are equipped for the evolving timber construction landscape.

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