What does a job with JMS look like?

We are going to follow the 6 steps of a job from start to finish as if you had JMS powering your workshop.

The customer calls up and says they need a quote for new front windows and a front door - so the first step is the customer visit.

You visit the customer and take the measurements of the 5 windows and a front door and write down what they are looking for. If you had JMS on a laptop you could even take the laptop and enter this directly into the program and merge steps 1 & 2 together.

Step 2 - Create the Quote

Back in the office you take the measurements and within as little as 5 minutes you could have the quote sent back out to the customer. You can add things like deposit amounts and your terms and conditions.

The quotations are fully customisable, nicely and professionally laid out with to-scale colour pictures, presented on your companies headed paper.

5 minutes sound impossible? take a look at our video below that shows just how quick quoting in JMS can be.

5 Minute Quote

Example quote done in just 5 minutes.

What if the customer wants changes?

If a customer comes back wanting changes, maybe some different glazing bars or a different wood type? You can change it and get a quote back out in a matter of minutes!

Do you ever get asked for the U-Value of your windows or doors?

U-Values are so much more than just the glass centre pane value. JMS automatically calculates the u-value for your windows and doors as you create them, saving you from having to get expensive tests done on each of your joinery products.

View Example Quotation

Step 3 - Confirmation of Order

When your customer is happy with the quote - you can get them to sign it off using our clear laid out confirmation of order print out. No more arguments about what they think they ordered.

View Example Confirmation of Order

Step 4 - Send the glazing order directly to your supplier and the cutting lists down to the workshop.

You can save loads of time, and with the material shortages being experienced by the industry as a whole. Using our supplier orders you can get things like glass ordered before you’ve even started to make the product.

Our cutting sheets help you get the most out of your materials - after all less wastage = more profit!

View Example Glass Summary

Step 5 - Delivery note and CE Marking

Once your joinery items are created, you’ll want to deliver them and fit them.

Before delivery you can print off a CE Marking label and attach this to the window and even print a CE Marking certificate for your customer to keep.

A delivery note can then be created for the customer to sign upon receipt of your products to confirm they are happy with what they are getting and reduce any disputes in the future.

View Example Delivery Note View Example CE Marking

The house after fitting of the new windows and doors.

“Best investment ever made. Twelve months down the line it has pound for pound been a fantastic investment. JMS has definitely increased productivity. The business is the same size but our output has increased.”

Sashworks Scotland Ltd

Step 6 - Invoicing

Invoicing the customer is the final step and can be done with a click of a button! Using PDF software outputs from JMS they can easily be created in seconds.

View Sample Invoice

Don’t think you can afford it? Think you aren’t big enough maybe?

We’ve got companies from one man bands to those with a hundred employees and payment plans that make JMS affordable for most.

Below are two videos - one are a couple of our customers talking about how JMS has helped them and the second is a video showing how JMS can save you time and money.

What Our Customers Think

A video with a couple of our customers - saying what they think of JMS.

Saving You Time And Money

Quick video on how JMS2D can save you time and money.

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