Our Door Software built for the Commercial/Fire Door Industry

The JMS Fire / Commerical Doors & Doorsets configurator has been created specifically to provide accurate costing and manufacturing information integrated with 3D design and management tools specifically for the commercial / fire door manufacturing market. 

JMS3D Pro provides control to manage your business with detailed tracking and process management.

It makes it easy to price large numbers of fire doors and gives customers a clear idea of what they are getting.

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Templates & Custom Filters

Templates & Custom Filters

Templates and user defined custom filters allow you to quickly identify the door / door set required. Quickly search FD rating, thickness, acoustic rating, etc. 

A JMS user is able to create their own templates or even create specific project based templates.

Spreadsheet Import & Export

Directly import a CSV/Excel spreadsheet with hundreds of door sizes and match templates from within the file to the door configurator.

JMS3D Pro's spreadsheet import and export saves re-keying time and allows you to be more accurate. Also you are able to output almost all the data used for calculating the cost and sizes of a door or doorset to Excel. This can be used for quoting or production schedules.

Spreadsheet Import & Export

Incorporate your existing excel workflow into JMS Fire/Commercial Door Configurator. Our configurator includes:

  • CSV/Excel import & export for projects
  • Project/revision based planning 
  • Enhanced filters to enable the correct FD or dB rating
  • Built in CRM with the ability to upload project associated files and images
  • ERP enabled for production planning and resource management
  • Workshop scheduling (Interactive Gantt chart)
  • New enhanced 3D solid modelling engine to help with CAD drawings, including the ability to represent layered doors, x-ray, acoustic, post-formed (wrapped) doors and frames.
  • Specific door production reports
  • Accurate process based costing and timing modelling
  • Enhanced report engine
  • CNC output (optional extra)

Excel Import/Export

Video showing the Excel import and export working.

Door & Doorset Construction

Door & Doorset Construction

JMS Fire/Commercial Door Configurator is able to mimic the way you manufacture your doorsets.

Whether you are:

  • Buying the door blanks in and then inserting vision holes and hanging into linings/frames.
  • Manufacturing the doors with all the sheet layers using presses and gluing. Each layer can have a different material
  • Constructing the internal elements of the door with internal styles and rails
  • Wrapping Door linings.

Layered Doors

JMS Fire / Commerical Door Configurator gives the ability to change the material of any layer on either side of the door/door set. It is possible to change the material for all items in a job / revision level for one particular item.

Wrapped / Post Formed Doors & Doorsets

JMS Fire / Commercial Door Configurator is able to post form /wrap any door component, ensuring that the correct sizes are used for construction whether it is a wrapped or non wrapped door. The user has full control to set up the wrapping and as such it can be customised to meet a door requirement. Full control of what edge, colour, thickness, offset etc is provided.

Edge Protectors

Import any edge protector shape and apply to either hanging of locking edge.

Seals (Acoustic, smoke seals, drop seals) & Intumescent strips

It is possible to apply multiple seals or in-tumescent strips to either the lining/frame and door to ensure the correct fire rating, acoustic rating is achieved. The user has a massive amount of control on position, type and edge.

Furniture and Signage

Furniture & Sign-age

Furniture can be represented on the 3D rendering of your item. When you hover the mouse over the furniture, as long as the picture has been uploaded in the system, it will show a picture of the actual sign-age, hinge or handle etc. Once furniture is placed on the door it will then appear on the cutting sheets for production with setting out positions.

This is really good for a client to be able to visualise what they are getting from you.

Furniture can include but is not limited to: hinges, handles, push plates, kick plates, spy holes, drop seals, door closers and locks.

Cutting Sheets

Our door configurator has many different cutting sheets and reports and many are able to be customised. Printouts included detailed cutting sheets like the example below to milling reports, assembly reports, finish reports, fitting reports and material reports. If a particular company wishes to have a special report created Joinerysoft will also provide this at an additional cost.

View an example cutting sheet

Custom Filters specifically designed for commercial doors & doorsets

When manufacturing commercial doors there is often many variables that need to be considered to ensure the correct doorset is chosen. This is why our fire / commercial door configurator filter system has been enhanced to specifically allow for the variables.

The customisable filter enables users at the estimating stage to filter very quickly and easily to the desired door / doorset. The filtering system is fully customisable and is split into two filtering levels with also the ability to link a construction method to a template.

Level 1 Filter

May include the desired thickness of a door, fire rating (FD), acoustic rating (dB), or whether the door should be laminated or veneered or has exposed lipping etc.

Level 2 Filter

Once level 1 filters have been selected, it will then provide a construction method that can then be filtered even more specifically.

Level 2 filters may include hinge types, seals, glass, material, veneer finish or laminate colour, whether there is any sign-age, etc.

Template Link Filter

It is possible to link a template to one of the above filter results. This is particularly necessary when a desired acoustic rating is required, as the dB rating potentially changes depending on the template design, ie; whether it is a double or single or whether it is glazed or unglazed.

Project based information

Information relating to the project or particular revisions can be uploaded so they are centrally located and referenced and there for available for other users of the door configurator ensuring important project based information is not lost.

This could include pictures of the site, project plans or detailed dxf / dwg files of section sizes required.

JMSCloud Access Included

When you purchase the Fire/ Commercial Door & Doorset configurator with JMS3D Pro it gives you full access free of charge to JMSCloud. JMSCloud provides you with a wealth of management tools seamlessly linked to your desktop JMS3D Pro system. Tools such as a CRM system with lead generation straight from your website, time tracking, time sheets, real time reporting and scheduling just to name a few.

What do these mean?

Do you ever lose or struggle to find a customers contact details or even remember what you've previously discussed? JMSCloud Customer Relationship Management system keeps all your customer contacts and conversations in one place and you could view it even on your mobile phone.
Scheduling & Time Tracking
When you've won a job, how do you know when that can be fitted into your current schedule of work? A knowledgeable guess? JMS Cloud allows you to schedule your jobs amongst the others already in your workshop you can even say when it needs to be done by and it will make sure its scheduled perfectly.
Full Real Time Reporting
JMS Cloud gives you full real time reporting on every aspect of your company. Details such as where projects are in workshop at any one point, what the sales are for the month or year, leads that have come in, all in a great level of detail and much more.

Joinerysoft is an associated member of the BWF Fire Door Scheme, BWF and is also accredited by BSI for all u-values created by JMS Pro for CE Markings.

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