JMS Cloud

JMSCloud links JMS 2D and JMS 3D/Pro with a wealth of tools available 24/7 on any device in the cloud.

So what exactly does JMSCloud do?

Don't worry about all the technical jargon.. the main thing to remember is JMSCloud seamlessly links to your desktop version of JMS, or you can use it stand alone to give you an amazing range of tools that will help you in real world every day scenarios.

All of these are available 24/7 on any internet connected device.

Lets look at what cloud does in more detail:



Do you ever lose or struggle to find a customers contact details or even remember what you've previously discussed? This can happen so easily when talking over the phone. JMSCloud's Customer Relationship Management system keeps all your customer contacts and conversations in one place and you could view it even on your mobile phone.

Keep track of all your correspondence by pasting in emails, typing in phone calls, enquiries and more, grouping them all in one place so you can find and read them quickly.

Do you sometimes forget to do something for a customer? With lots going on every day, it is easily missed. JMSCloud gives you the ability to set follow-ups, which are basically notifications against an entry on the customers record. When the time comes around these notify you when something needs actioning, you can assign them to yourself or others.

JMSCloud Files

In this digital age we all get sent files and create files all the time, whether its generated from a JMS program, another program or sent from a customer. But do you sometimes think, where did I put that file? And then find yourself searching your emails, computer to find it?

Well JMSCloud's file upload system allows you to upload files against a customer or record and store them neatly in a folder structure, meaning you'll never lose a file again.


JMSCloud Lead Generation

JMSCloud Lead Generation

Do you have a website with a contact form? If someone enquires how do you track that? What stops it getting lost either in a spam filter or in a pile of paper?

JMSCloud has a lead generation system built in. Using this you can set up a contact form, choosing and naming your own fields. JMSCloud then provides you with the code to put this on your site, after this any enquiry comes straight from your site and is logged in the cloud CRM system, where it is store securely and backed up nicely so won't get lost.

You can then decide if it's worth creating a customer record and dealing with it or marking it as spam/deleting it.

JMSCloud Scheduling & Time Tracking

Once you've won a job, and your JMS software has calculated how long that job should take and cost. How do you know when that can be fitted into your current schedule of work and when to say it should be done by? Currently a knowledgeable guess?

JMSCloud takes the information synced from the your desktop joinery software and uses that to allow you to schedule a job on a calendar or Gantt chart. JMSCloud uses the other jobs you've scheduled to know when you can start it and when you should be able to finish it.

JMSCloud has time monitoring features, such as time sheets and start/stop time tracking - this will allow you to become even more accurate at estimating actual job times and help you track jobs through the workshop.

JMSCloud Scheduling & Time Tracking

Link to JMS Desktop Programs

Link to JMS Desktop Programs

Whether you are in JMS 2D or JMS 3D/Pro you can get 24/7 access to a wide range of online features in JMS Cloud all seamlessly integrated into the program.

Cloud links directly in to the desktop version of JMS that you are running allowing you to share contacts, projects, documents and more between the two seamlessly.

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