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High performance from London Box Sash Windows & Joinerysoft

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Mar 2015

London Box Sash Windows started as a family business by owner John Ellis in 1981. Joined by his two sons Patrick and Jack in 2002, they recognised that to keep up with the volume of work they needed to automate some of their manual processes. Since buying Joinerysoft’s JMS software in 2012 they have grown 30% year on year.

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Spending large amounts of time producing traditional cutting lists and manually setting out, meant that both Patrick and Jack were spending 80 hours a week on the workshop floor and still struggling to keep up with demand. Hearing about Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS) by word of mouth from another joinery manufacturer induced John to have a demonstration.

Even though John was a computer novice, the three Ellis’ all recognised that JMS was the right answer. Patrick and Jack as the next generation love the detailed cutting sheets, which make logical sense of the production process. John who has been won over by the ‘ease of use’ of JMS, two years on remains a strong advocate for the software.

The joinery management software contains a number of benefits for joinery manufacturing; automatic generation of cutting lists and setting out sheets being just one. Promoted by Joinerysoft as suitable for all sizes of manufacturer from the one man band right up to those with 20+ joiners and CNC machining centres, the software incorporates, design, quotations, order confirmation, material ordering, production sheets, delivery notes and invoicing. Making this comprehensive solution even more attractive is compliance with u-value and CE marking regulations, as well as providing compliance documentation.

Patrick confirms that Joinerysoft has enabled London Box Sash Windows to reduce their production time. With a strong order book stretching four months ahead, these time savings are critical in managing their business. John believes that software has helped them to become more efficient, it has also helped with recruitment. Work that could have taken 3 days previously can now be done in 3 hours with JMS. London Box Sash Windows has the confidence to order glass in advance directly from the material order sheets produced by JMS, further reducing delays.

Both Patrick and Jack found the 2 days training on JMS useful, however they both admit, that in hind sight they should have made use of Joinerysoft’s offsite training, to escape workshop and customer interruptions! Since JMS has been installed Patrick and Jack have been able to get on top of their workload and have more time now to be able to schedule additional training to keep the business moving forward.

London Box Sash Windows now employs 16 people. Still based in their original unconventional workshop, an old coaching house in Mitcham, Surrey, as the business has grown they have spread into more rooms, which include the old stables! Specialists in the manufacture and supply of high quality Accoya timber box sash windows their product range includes sash windows, casement windows, doors and a varied amount of bespoke commissions.

London Box Sash Windows use Accoya wood exclusively for all their sash windows. Accoya wood is a high performance wood. Created from sustainably-sourced softwood, Accoya undergoes a proprietary, non-toxic acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core. The result: an environmentally friendly solid wood with durability, dimensional stability and beauty that matches or exceeds even the best tropic hardwood. This enables them to provide a guaranteed durability of 50 years. There is also a 75% reduction in swelling and shrinkage which means their windows and doors stay free-sliding and free-swinging all year. Accoya also has the added benefit of superior resistance to uv exposure, making it naturally insulating.

London Box Sash Windows have worked hard over the last 10-15 years to come up with a high quality product that they are satisfied with. The lack of complaints they receive and satisfied customers confirms they have succeeded in this. Patrick believes that having software that caters specifically for the custom joinery they produce helps them in this process. Patrick says, “JMS has made us more efficient enabling us to reduce our production time, and stand back and take stock of where we are going. The software has helped us to keep up with growth and will help us to move forward into the future.”

London Box Sash Windows

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