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Joinerysoft on Cloud Nine with Launch of JMS Cloud Management Information

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Jan 2020


JMSv2 (2D) and JMS3D (Pro) have proved themselves indispensable desktop applications helping over a thousand joiners nationally and internationally to get the most from their joinery workshop.

The issue with desktop software is that it is only available on the computer where the software is installed. However, in this modern day and age users require information 24/7 on all devices they have. Joinerysoft is proud therefore to introduce JMS Cloud. At Joinerysoft, the company has designed a private and secure storage area for all your management information that you can access remotely via the internet on many devices. This removes limits of where and when you can access your data, allowing you to be more flexible, utilise resources better and provide a better service to your customers. The key feature of JMS Cloud is that it links seamlessly with Joinerysoft’s desktop software JMSv2 and JMS3D so you only need to input data once (even historical data can be imported).

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Security of customer data is vital and therefore JMS Cloud uses the latest web technology, incorporating a tenanted environment unique to each customer. In layman terms, this means that customer data is secure and can never be contaminated or leaked outside of your own unique area.

JMS Cloud links with JMSv2 and JMS3D to enable you to follow jobs from quotation to delivery 24/7 on a wide range of internet connected devices, such as iPads and tablets. JMS Cloud can also be used stand alone, which means you can manually add jobs, so unusual items which fall outside your usual quoting system can still be viewed in your production schedule, allowing you to better manage production and gain an accurate picture of what is in the workshop at any given time, and the resources required.

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Jobs created in JMS can also be uploaded with the related customer information to the JMS Cloud. This includes construction hours and timings, even documents can be uploaded relating to each stage of the process. Within the cloud, you can track customer interaction, conversions and even schedule jobs on a chart to work out the most efficient way for the job to go through the workshop. Track everything from initial quotation to customer delivery, including customer signature when they sign to say it's all good! The built in CRM provides helpful reminders of upcoming events, including phone calls to ensure you never miss a deadline and follow up when promised.

Key Features in JMS Cloud include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Manage customer correspondence; manage projects; upload and store key documents/files; and use the built in calendar to record events and set custom reminders.

Production Reports – Capacity loading; scheduling - both forwards and backwards; view project planning as a gantt chart or calendar; highlight projects on hold; and track time - actuals against forecast.

Financial Reports – Turnover; profit; compare estimated costs with actuals; and analyse efficiency rates.

Sales Reports – View numbers of estimates/quotes raised; examine estimate/quote conversion rates; and compare estimate/quote values against targets.

Lead Generation - Record and capture customer interest directly from your website or telephone calls to track leads from enquiry through to completion.

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Ever wanted to provide more information for different areas of your company with minimal hassle? Joinerysoft, the company has introduced a TV mode to JMS Cloud. TV mode allows you to create customised read only display screens - this could display scheduling information for the workshop updated in real time. With the ability for every user to customise their own dashboard of helpful reports, the options are endless!

Are you a JMSv2 customer and want to try this new feature? Joinerysoft is offering a 20% discount to the first 50 companies to sign up! JMS Cloud is ready for release now by subscription, as a small extra on your monthly support and maintenance fee. JMS Pro customers will receive JMS Cloud free within their package, and JMS3D links will arrive shortly. Another advantage of JMS Cloud is you can sign up to just the features you want, without having to pay for features that you won’t use. You may wish to consider purchasing an additional login for JMS Cloud, as Joinerysoft believe you’ll find it so useful you’ll never want to log out!

One of the reasons Joinerysoft is so excited about this new development is that JMS Cloud brings together all its previous software solutions under one roof. Being able to access everything in one place, on your mobile phone, home/work computer or tablet will change how company’s keep track of information and manage their businesses.Migrating your existing jobs and production information into the Cloud means that you don’t need to start again to upgrade your software, but can utilise both systems seamlessly. JMS Cloud shows a real step forward in what Joinerysoft can offer.

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Not a JMS customer? Whether you’re a one-man band or large joinery manufacturer, Joinerysoft offers a total solution suitable for your needs. JMS includes design, quoting, material ordering, production (and if required CNC output), invoicing and delivery. The Joinerysoft package is now further improved with management information, production scheduling and built in CRM so you can be more professional no matter what your size of business. Customer of Joinerysoft, James Selby Joinery says, “The best thing for me is the time JMS saves me and the professionalism of the paperwork that goes out to customers; it’s really the image of my business. After the initial input of work, it’s really low investment in time. It’s a huge time saving and the quality you get out of JMS is excellent.”

Get in touch with the company using the contact details below to find out how Joinerysoft can help you get the most out of your joinery workshop.


01608 643302

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