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Joinerysoft helps Beehive Joinery to implement new processes

Posted in None in May 2016

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Brothers Antony and Matthew Guppy, owners of Beehive Joinery, purchased Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS) in 2015 when they decided that software would be vital in moving forward and giving them greater control of their business.

The brothers took over their Dad’s workshop and started Beehive Joinery in 2000. Sixteen years later they have four joiners, one apprentice, a glazier, and a part time admin member. They have a high staff retention rate amongst their unusually young workforce with one member starting with the company at aged fourteen. Another fourteen years later the same joiner is now experienced and a valuable member of the team. Antony says, “It’s key having the right people as we are working closely together.” Their Dad now runs the glazing company, part of Beehive Joinery also.

Within the last three years they have purchased high performance tooling and manufacture predominately using Accoya, engineered timber. Following these changes they purchased software for quoting and manufacturing from Joinerysoft to improve the logistics of the business. Antony confirms, “Joinerysoft is instrumental to the direction that we are going. We use JMS as a tool from quotation to a detailed job sheet covering the smallest details.”

“We purchased Joinerysoft as we recognised we had a bottle neck in the office,” says Antony.  “Quoting with pen and paper and then typing out the quotes, adding drawings, all took too much time.” He adds, “Our new tooling has improved our production times. We need to push out estimates as quickly as we can to keep orders coming in to keep the machines going.”

Customers of Beehive Joinery have commented how clear the new JMS quotes are and the professional response provides a competitive advantage for Beehive Joinery. Antony says, “JMS has enabled us to quote for larger jobs which we wouldn’t have considered previously. We are able to quote 50% quicker and can make amendments to quotes easily to reflect job revisions.” The JMS software makes it easy to give each joinery item a unique reference so later revisions are easy.

Joiners in the workshop have also welcomed the new JMS generated job sheets and cutting lists. They like having all information in one place so they can start the job. Antony confirms, “It makes their life easier and speeds up production.”  The JMS job sheets displayed on a newly introduced board in the workshop enable all joiners to clearly see what work is in progress. It also makes planning work much easier.

JMS has transformed more than just their quoting process with the added benefit of allowing them to look deeper into other sections of their business to introduce new processes and highlight other capabilities. Antony explains “JMS has allowed us to analyse our business as well as change our attitude about our capabilities. It has made us ask questions that we would have never have thought of before, such as why certain processes were taking us so long. We can also see whether we are under or over charging”. Though waiting for the results of his financial year end, Antony has no doubt that the figures will be good. Joinerysoft has definitely played a part in this.

Joinerysoft’s time served joiners provide full support for its JMS software, this includes two days training and full telephone support. Antony says, “The support team always get back to us when they say they will. They are also happy to point us in the right direction when we have a silly question!”

Joinerysoft’s newly introduced JMS-Setup Wizard has made customising the software to their requirements much easier. Antony explains how they have been too busy to fully setup JMS, but they have benefited from using only 30% of the software. The new wizard will be the push they need to start using it 100%. Antony says, “The wizard is pictorial based so it is easy to add our high performance tooling, even staff with no experience of joinery could use it.”

Antony concludes, “The end product produced by JMS allows us to present a professional image to our customers. JMS is also key for allowing me to orchestrate our flow of work. It has made our processes much smoother which makes it much more enjoyable to come to work.” He adds, “Overall JMS has given us control and direction which we can see in our financial figures”.

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