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Joinerysoft helps one man band Groby Joinery compete and win against much larger joinery companies

Posted in None in Mar 2016

Groby Joinery Article Image

Tom Renshaw, owner of Groby Joinery has been involved in joinery since 1992. Starting initially as a furniture designer and manufacturer he says it was a natural progression into joinery due to the market being flooded with mass produced flat packed furniture. He now produces doors, windows, stairs and sliding sash from his workshop in Leicester. He says he is content to remain a one man band as employing staff can bring its own headaches, which he has experienced before. What is critical though he says is being able to compete with much larger companies and he therefore has invested in software for quoting and manufacturing timber joinery which makes him appear as professional as the big boys!

Tom describes JMS as the last piece of the puzzle, figuratively, the last machine he purchased when setting up his workshop. He admits that he wishes he had bought it three or four years earlier as it has given him the confidence to expand into larger premises. He explains, “I was able to look at JMS as another member of staff. It has helped me to develop my business and as a result I can now quote quicker and order glass and fittings early, before I start to machine. This means that everything is sitting there ready for me when I need it. I don’t need to put the job down and wait for materials to arrive.”

Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software was installed at Groby Joinery twelve months ago and as a result Tom says, “I now spend 80% less time quoting joinery and more time in the workshop producing it.” He adds, “I’ve been impressed with the speed I can generate a quote, even quite big, complicated ones. This means I can now offer an improved service to my customers by providing prices for three different timber species. It makes me look like I’m going the extra mile and customers don’t need to know it takes me ten seconds to change the timber type!”

Groby Joinery’s private and trade customers seem to like the JMS generated professional quotes. They can tell exactly what the window will look like from the true scale pictures including where the openings are, the colour, fittings and glass used. This is borne out by the increase in jobs won, despite not always being the cheapest. Tom says, “I can justify my costs and ask customer’s if they are making a like for like comparison with other joinery companies.” I also believe it gives me a competitive edge being able to put on my quotes that I CE mark my joinery.

The u-value calculator and CE marking capabilities of JMS allow Tom to quote for new build jobs which would be unavailable to him otherwise. He says, “I can show customers the u-value certificates and CE labels and it definitely wins work.” Tom explains, “Customers can scan the QR code on the CE label from an app on their mobile phones. This displays the Declaration of Performance Certificate specific to their joinery.” He adds, “I’ve been put on the approved supplier register of a large builders’ merchant as a direct result of being able to CE mark.”

An added bonus is that in the background JMS does all the drawings, cutting lists, timber, fitting or glass orders, invoices, delivery notes, even CE marking!” Tom confirms JMS makes life so much easier, saying “If I need to outsource any work I can print off all the information required for the job and it is easy for anyone to follow.”

Full support provided by Joinerysoft for its JMS software, includes two days training and telephone support afterwards. Tom says, “The time served joiners at Joinerysoft are knowledgeable for both training and support and are very friendly if I need to ask for help. They always call me back when they say they will and as a result I have found JMS easy to learn.”

Tom concludes, “JMS has streamlined my business and made me more organised. Work is now completed quicker and more efficiently which has improved profitability. I now spend less time in the office but still manage to provide a quicker, more professional response to customers.” He adds, with a smile, “I would recommend Joinerysoft, but not if you live near me!”

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