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Joinerysoft reinforces high quality approach at Kings Cliffe Joinery

Posted in None in May 2016

Paul Brumfield, owner of Kings Cliffe Joinery invested in Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS) just over a year ago. The demo led him to expect professional quoting as standard but he was pleasantly surprised by the financial benefits of more accurate costs, reduced wastage and productivity improvements.

Paul explains, “I believe in investing in equipment and bought JMS at the same time as my Stehle high performance tooling to manufacture high quality timber windows and doors. The quality of the end product is important to me.” He adds, “I needed the software to improve quoting but once we started to use it I discovered more and more benefits.”

Serving Northamptonshire and beyond, Paul relies on word of mouth customer referral for new business, so first impressions are really important to winning business. He says, “Customers are impressed with the presentation of the JMS quotes which include detailed information such as style, size, hardware, glass, timber, finish and true scale drawings.” He adds, “The professional quotes give customers confidence that we can deliver a high quality product and have won us work.”

During training at his workshop, Paul was relieved to find common ground with JMS installer and trainer, Graham Dennis who as a time served joiner himself, was familiar with what Paul was manufacturing. He states, “JMS has been straight forward to learn and support when needed has been second to none”.

Paul says that after using JMS for a short while it “highlighted areas that are easy to overlook during quoting. In some cases I had been previously undercharging for joinery that included glazing bars.” He explains, “The figures within JMS don’t lie, the costs clearly show what your selling price needs to be to make money”.

Another unexpected benefit from the software includes glass and timber reports which have allowed Paul to reduce wastage and save time in the ordering process. Paul explains, “I can now order timber directly from the wood summary which is more accurate and leads to less waste. The accuracy of JMS also allows me to order the glass at the start of each job, avoiding the bottleneck of waiting for glass to arrive.” He adds, “It saves us so much time and work!”

Joiners have welcomed the introduction of JMS cutting lists to the workshop which saves them time and removes traditional setting out. Paul says, “The guys in the workshop have found JMS easy to use. The cutting lists can be concise if they need them to be or contain just the right amount of detail.”

Now spending less time quoting Paul is able to focus on the direction he wants the company to be going. He explains, “JMS has given me a lot more time to manage my business and plan for the future. Buying JMS in modules has helped to spread the financial cost and allowed me to plan my growth. The JMS Sliding Sash module will be my next purchase.”

Paul concludes, “I consider JMS an essential part of the equipment necessary to do the job. It is just as important to me as my tooling.” He adds, “80% of my time has been saved on quoting alone, without taking into consideration the effects JMS has had in streamlining my material ordering. I feel more confident running my business with JMS; I believe it has given us a competitive edge.”

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