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Joinerysoft software complements traditional values

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Dec 2016

Joinerysoft software complements traditional valuesTomlinson Parbans has a long history with Tomlinsons established in 1850. Nearly fifty years ago it combined an established timber yard with a workshop for bespoke joinery to become Tomlinson Parbans. The company expanded very quickly and the workshop has been built on traditional values which has a reputation for high quality craftsmanship in the Cheshire area. The 18 employees include 4 joiners and 2 machinists who provide bespoke casement windows, sliding sash, doors, stairs, and conservatories to both public and trade customers. The timber yard complements the workshop with shop counter sales, skirting board, PVC windows, machined hardwoods and mouldings. 

Philip Roberts, Joinery Manager, started with the company twenty years ago, as an apprentice sweeping the yard and putting timber away. He says, “Our company growth is based on using skilled employees and providing a high-quality product.” Philip’s promotion three years ago, has seen a distinct shift towards modern technology, in particularly software for quoting and material ordering, which he believes reinforces their traditional and high quality approach. He says, “My object was to modernise the business and find a solution for CE marking”.

After a demonstration of the software at their premises Philip says it was the ease of use that sold the system to him. He adds, “Though I am computer literate, you don’t need to be an expert to use the software. Our previous estimator had never used computers and he is now more than happy to take over quoting with JMS when I’m on holiday. It’s a big testament to the success of the software.”

Quoting prior to JMS Philip would have to write down every type of material used, including ironmongery, just to calculate a price. On a big tender this could take two to three days, but he says, “With JMS I can complete big quotes in just a few hours! Even better, If the customer changes the order I can recalculate a revised price at the touch of a button, rather than starting from scratch.”

Philip confirms that Joinerysoft has provided a good solution for them. He says, “Our workforce matter to us and we wouldn’t automatically implement other new ideas or technology that would jeopardise their jobs. That’s not what we do or what we are about. We prefer to employ skilled craftsmen rather than technology for the sake of it.” Philip explains, “Each joiner has a real pride in his work and sees the whole job through from start to finish to ensure attention to detail and quality.” JMS has however helped the joiners with accurate drawings and job specifications. It has particularly helped the joinery apprentice learn his trade and improve accuracy while he’s learning.

One of the reasons Philip purchased JMS was for its compliance with u-values and CE marking. He uses JMS u-value calculator on almost every job, saying, “I am able to make customers aware if their specification/request doesn’t comply with u-value regulations and suggest ways of making items compliant”. JMS helps him do this with u-values calculated on the fly so as section sizes, timber and glass are changed so the u-value changes automatically. Philp confirms customers are impressed with this extra service.

During two days of training Philip was impressed with the trainer/installer from Joinerysoft who as a joiner himself had an extensive knowledge of how joinery workshops are run. He says, “His advice was invaluable and enabled me to incorporate further improvements into the workshop, apart from JMS!” He continues, “Joinerysoft support is also very helpful. Its technical team ring back quickly and sort out any queries I have.”

The savings in the time to quote with JMS are ‘unbelievable’, says Philip and he’s sure his wife is pleased too that he doesn’t need to take quotes home anymore despite becoming so much busier since purchasing JMS! As a direct result of improvements in the business, which includes the purchase of JMS as well as new machinery, Philip has seen turnover increase by 17% over the last three years. Profit margins have also gone up by 4%.

Concluding, Philip says, “I believe software is important because times are changing and you need to stay competitive to win work. JMS saves us time and is easy to use. It has made our company more professional and made quoting much easier. The improved customer service has won us work.” He adds, “Our competitive edge is based upon our traditional values, supplying the highest quality product and outstanding customer service. JMS helps us deliver this without compromising our values.”

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