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New Setup Wizard from Joinerysoft

Posted in None in Jan 2016

Some joiners may have been put off investing in software by the apparent lengthy investment in time to set it up for their business. Joinerysoft have worked hard to overcome this and have now launched a new setup wizard for the v2 version of their Joinery Management Software.

JMS Setup Wizard Article Image

Launched just before Christmas 2015 the JMS-Setup Wizard provides a step by step guide to setting up your own joinery within the JMS software. Using easy to follow questions and images, Joiners can point and click from a display of construction methods and mouldings, enter custom sizes and then export the data directly into JMS. One of the first users of the wizard, Aaron Worth from Drew & Co SBS says, “Its Brilliant. The whole set up is much quicker and easier to use than the original spread sheet questions. By seeing the drawings it’s all very visual and you can see what’s happening.”

Visual Images prompt only relevant choices to be displayed

There are over 300 drawings within the wizard catering for all types of custom or bespoke joinery but these are quickly reduced to display only the relevant choices for the type of joinery style being created. This means the joiner doesn’t need to wade through pages of questions, but can quickly and easily setup the style of joinery relevant to them.

Cross Sections

Generic cross sections throughout clearly show which item is being selected and even better change to display the moulding and other settings chosen. For example, if you choose Ovolo mouldings for the frame and sash these will then be displayed on all drawings. This way you can very clearly see that the setup is correct for your joinery.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Based in the cloud, the online wizard is compatible with iPad’s and other portable devices, enabling you to setup your software at home, in the garden or anywhere you have internet access at a time convenient to you.

Benefits to Customers

This new development from Joinerysoft will have positive benefits both for new customers and also existing customers. New customers will find it easier to setup their software for the first time allowing them to get up to speed in no time. Generic cross sections from the wizard can be printed out for the workshop, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what they are doing.

Existing customers can easily add additional parameters for new products but also expand their knowledge and use of JMS. Customers who have been hesitant to trust that they have set up the software correctly and chosen to limit themselves to using only the quoting side can now visually see the accuracy of the joinery setup within the software and are able to use JMS to its full potential for manufacturing too.

Phil Inwood from Conifer Joinery, comments, “The drawings are simple and idiot proof. You can print out the sectional drawings for the workshop so the guys know exactly what they have got to make.”

Joinerysoft are offering free demonstrations of both the wizard and their joinery management software. You can also watch a video of the JMS-Setup Wizard by visiting

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