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Rawlings Joinery upgrades Joinerysoft within a year of purchase

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Nov 2015

Stephen Rawlings purchased Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software just eleven months ago, and already he has upgraded to a two user network to cope with increased demand.

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Stephen started Plymouth based, Rawlings Joinery, in 2012 after his current employer decided to retire. Starting with the company ten years previously as an apprentice Stephen decided to purchase the machinery and employ some of the existing staff in his own new venture. Just three years on, Rawlings Joinery has grown in size and now has nine employees; five joiners and an apprentice. With links to local builders, Rawlings Joinery provide high quality timber joinery of all types and produce doors, windows, staircases and counters to any design.

Due to moving to new premises it took over a year for Stephen to finally purchase JMS. Eleven months ago Stephen purchased JMS to help with the time consuming process of quoting. He says, “The Company was growing and I had too much to do and not enough time. I wanted to make things easier and more professional.” Stephen says, “I couldn’t wait any longer. I was impressed with the quotes as the first impression that customers see. Further time savings with JMS generated timber summaries and cutting lists, made the decision easier along with Joinerysoft’s twelve month payment option.”

Using the software now to do more than just quote, Stephen says he likes everything about it, particularly the ease and speed he can create a new job. Admitting he doesn’t get asked for U-Values much, even so Stephen likes the professionalism which displays the u-value on the quote and the facility to CE mark, if he gets asked. He says, “JMS gives me an edge over my competitors and makes me stand out.”

Private customers in particular have commented on the JMS generated quotes; one customer choosing Rawlings Joinery over a cheaper quote, simply because of the professional image and service provided by the company. Stephen says, “It is now easy to ask customers to sign an order confirmation, which removes disputes later and JMS can also specify a deposit required before the job is started.”

With two days training and UK support coming as standard, Stephen says he has found the software easy to use, despite not being a computer expert. After eleven months using JMS, Stephen feels he has really got to grips with it but accepts he is always learning more. He adds, “The software must be intuitive as I’ve only had to call support four times in the last eleven months!”

Stephen says users of JMS would be mad not to make use of all the software’s functions, including design, quoting, cutting lists, glass/wood reports and invoicing. Involving his joiners in the choice of layout for printouts has ensured that they are happy with the results and production has speeded up. Stephen says, “The ability to order lead weights in advance of manufacture is fantastic and saves so much time.” He adds, “We can provide our glazier the exact position of duplex bars easily without having to spend time drawing images ourselves. JMS provides everything we need to ensure accurate and professional communication with both customers and our suppliers.”

Despite the increased capacity to turnaround quotes and be more customer focused, Stephen has found that since he has purchased JMS he still has too much work. Stephen reckons that JMS has saved 40% of his time personally which he now uses to see more customers and grow the business and get more sales in. The increase in sales as a result of this has meant that Stephen has now expanded his JMS software to include a two user network to handle the increased sales enquiries. This means that two people can use the software at the same time relieving pressure on Stephen.

The ability for JMS to grow with the business means that if and when Rawlings Joinery are ready for additional users or CNC links, JMS can provide the extra capacity and functionality without having to retrain on separate software. Stephen says, “It may have taken me a while to take the decision, but I now realise how important software is. My competitive edge is based upon good products, good service and my JMS software.” He adds, “If I didn’t have JMS life would be so much more difficult!”

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