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Wignall’s Fire Door expansion aided by Joinerysoft’s Commercial Door Software

Posted in None in Dec 2021

Trading since 1998, Wignalls is a family run business with a strong focus on quality. Their wide product range includes bespoke joinery as well as cubicles, and more recently fire doors.

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They have recently been awarded their BWF Fire Door Certification and invested in a new CNC machine, edge bander and drum sander. This has meant they can expand their fire door capacity and have recently taken on their biggest fire door job yet, 150 doors for a Nightingale Hospital. They don’t claim to compete with the biggest companies in the marketplace content to have a reputation for quality and shorter lead times. This means that they pick up the smaller jobs that some of the larger companies aren’t interested in.

Estimator, Luke McIntyre, joined the business just as Wignalls expanded into fire doors and has very quickly taken the lead in this side of the business. When he started a year ago his first job was to evaluate software to improve both Wignall’s ability to price fire doors and produce production paperwork. Luke says, “Fire doors aren’t particularly complicated but there are a large number of variables that mean that customers can end up getting confused. We needed to find a friendly way of displaying what the customer is buying without using lots of words on paper. A year ago we had a demonstration of Joinerysoft’s Commercial & Fire Door module and knew this was just what we were looking for.” He adds, “Part of Joinerysoft’s JMS 3D Pro software the 3D visual imagery jumped out. It makes it easy to price large numbers of fire doors and gives customers a clear idea of what they are getting.”

Luke confirms, “Some orders can take just minutes to price, even if there are multiple doors and variations.” The software uses pre-set materials to shorten quoting time and Luke adds, “Even if I need to create a new material set it may take longer but I’m aware that I’m constantly updating my library so it will get even quicker to quote. “

Customers are benefiting from true scale diagrams and once the job has been secured Joinerysoft’s software uses excel output to create a door schedule. Where jobs are provided in a pdf spreadsheet, Joinerysoft can also use excel input to quickly upload the job into the software.

Joinerysoft’s Commercial & Fire Door Module has been designed with commercial door and fire door manufacturers in mind allowing custom configuration for manufacturers to design and build all doors including fire doors, their way. After three months Wignall’s have been able to produce customised questions for estimators to select the correct materials, fittings packs and finishes. They can now quickly and easily select multiple door types for projects that range into the hundreds. Job revisions are easily tracked with visibility of the original order and all revisions simultaneously.

The benefits don’t stop at estimating, with production printouts all fully customisable so Wignall’s can print just the information relevant to each stage of the production process, provide delivery notes for each batch and even create invoices. All this can be done within the software on headed paper with links out to email or excel output to accounting packages as required.

Covid hasn’t stopped Wignall’s development in their business, with all configuration and training led by Joinerysoft conducted remotely. Luke says, “Online support has been ideal as after the hard graft initially with lots of communication explaining how our processes work, Joinerysoft was able to take all this onboard and quite quickly give us back a usable platform to start using. I was able to start using the system, with help as and when I needed.” He adds, “After the initial stage it's been a quick progression to where we are now.”

One of the reasons that Luke says Wignall’s chose Joinerysoft is that they quickly realised that Joinerysoft believe in continuous development, as do they. He says, “If I see something that I would like to improve I know that I can ask Joinerysoft for it and it is very likely to be taken onboard and implemented. I’ve received many improvements in the last year that other manufacturers have recommended. I’ve never been told, ‘No we can’t do that - it’s not going to happen’. That would be a huge disappointment. Joinerysoft has always said, ‘If we don’t have it we can work towards it and implement it further down the line’. That’s why we signed up and why we are continuing to move forward with Joinerysoft.” Luke concludes, “I would highly recommend Joinerysoft and JMS Pro (Commercial & Fire Doors) to everyone.”

Recent Joinerysoft enhancements include large batch import, linking to 5 axis CNC machines and barcoding, introduced for an Australian customer but available for all.

Managing Director, Alan Turner, says, “Joinerysoft is pleased to be part of Wignall’s development process and help them expand the fire door side of their business. We’ve invested greatly into the fire door industry and our commitment to continuous development means that we are constantly adding new improvements.


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