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At Joinerysoft we know how hard it is to keep up with regulations. Our goal is to make life easier for you providing software solutions that help you to comply with regulations relevant to you.

Our products comply with UK regulations for U-Values.

The U-Value isn't just the centre pane value of your glass, it includes everything from the wood to the seals. If you don't have JMS getting this U-Value can be costly, having to get units tested, with JMS you don't have to worry.

JMS automatically calculates these u-values for you from the components that make up each joinery item, saving you lots of money on testing.

Regulations Includes:

U Value Card Image

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Part Q Card Image
Building Regulations Part Q

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Part L Regulations

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Overseas Regulations

We are talking to customers in New Zealand about compliance with NZS4211.

If you would like us to add compliance with regulations that affect you – please talk to us - contact us here

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