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JMS Automatic U-value Calculator

All manufacturers in the UK should be providing whole item u-values for external windows and doors, not just centre pane values.

Our u-value calculator within JMS reduces the headache of complying with Building Regulations by calculating the whole item u-value of your joinery item, taking into consideration the timber type, section size, overall size, spacer bar and materials used, all instantly.

Without JMS you may have to spend a lot of money testing units of your products in order to get the u-value, with JMS its available at no extra cost* at the click of a button.

JMS provides printed reports showing how the u-value has been calculated and produces u-value certificates; proof of compliance for you to give to your customers. JMS provides a cost effective alternative to testing each individual window or door.

The u-value is displayed in JMS at the design stage so you can check compliance and advise your customer of necessary changes to improve the u-value.

JMS calculates both the model window u-value, based on a window 1230x1480, and also the calculated u-value. This allows you to choose the better u-value, if different, as either are accepted for compliance with building regulations.

*A valid maintenance and support contract is needed to get access to U-Values

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