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The JMS supplier directory is a virtual warehouse of products and supplies to the joinery trade.

The supplier directory contains all the information required for a joinery manufacturer to estimate their item and purchase products from suppliers.

It includes:

  • Comprehensive list of products
  • Fittings
  • Timber (softwood, hardwood, engineered, sheet, etc)
  • Glass (u-value, lt-value, weight, transparency etc)
  • Product Rules (weight limits, size, fire, etc)
  • Product specifications (dimension, materials, etc)
  • RRP prices* (customer specific pricing maintained seperately)
  • Wide range of suppliers (national, international and regional by country)

It allows joinery manufacturers to easily choose products such as timber, glass and fittings.

What is it used for?

Design, Pricing, Material Ordering, Product Promotions

Using this information for the purposes of design, pricing and material ordering the supplier directory is

embedded into Joinerysoft ‘s Joinery Management Software (JMS) providing suppliers with access to

over 1000 Joinerysoft customers.

Benefits of the JMS Supplier Directory:

  • Improves order processing efficiency of supplier with supplier orders
  • Automatic notification of ammendments.
  • Ability to link with supplier processing systems
  • Intuitive in offering relevant products suitable for item being designed/priced.
  • Saves time for joiners by removing input of supplier data
  • Promotes supplier products to new customers
  • Joiners benefit from being able to choose suppliers already supporting the supplier database
  • Comprehensive display of products/promotions available.
  • News feeds inform JMS users of new products/promotions

Already supported by leading suppliers to the industry.

*Joinery manufacturers can adjust their own price based upon unique contracts with individual suppliers. Pricing within JMS is never visible to other users or Joinerysoft.

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