JMS Bill of Materials

Choose between linear items (such as skirting) or finished items (such as furniture), provides breakdown of pricing, timber, fittings, glass etc and insert your own pictures.

JMS Bill of Materials (BOM)

JMSBill of Materials is extremely flexible and is ideal for quoting bespoke (known to some as custom, heritage or fenestration) items that are not covered by other modules; such as architrave, flooring, skirting, furniture and cabinets.

JMSBill of Materials allows you to calculate the linear meterage costs of timber. It utilises the cost files already set up within JMS to price timber taking into account imperfections wastage and linear timber wastage. Costs are calculated based on your hourly labour rate and include your markup and profit margins set.

Key Features

Key Features:

  • Choose between linear items (such as skirting) or finished items (such as furniture)
  • Provides breakdown of pricing, timber, fittings, glass etc.
  • Insert your own picture for items
  • Links seamlessly with other modules
  • Include in reports with items from other modules
  • Ensures all items can be included within JMS
  • Some standard images are supplied with BOM for skirting or architraving, but the module is flexible enough to include your own CAD drawings or photographs, ensuring that the customer receives a professional quotation with images showing exactly what they are getting.

Custom items such as furniture can be priced according to timber usage, again allowing for wastage and imperfections. JMSBOM can quote any bespoke joinery and links with all other Joinerysoft modules. This means that you can include all items within one quote and display pictures of all items too.


JMSBOM can include any item not covered by the other JMS modules.


  • Skirting
  • Picture rails
  • Furniture
  • Mouldings
  • Handrails
  • Dado
  • Cornice
  • Architrave
  • Fire places
  • And more..

Example of JMS Bill of Materials

Video showing JMS Bill of Materials in action.

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