Cutting Lists

Reduce errors, wastage, save time and increase profits

Cutting Lists

Those long hours, weekends or maybe evenings spent producing cutting lists are now over!

Print cutting lists easily without any additional work.

Joinerysoft's JMS completes all the calculations from the customer quotation or estimate. If the customer changes their mind, its easy to quickly change and reproduce these cutting lists at the click of a button - you don't have to manually redo cutting lists ever again.

Cutting lists are available for all the joinery items (known to some as custom, heritage or fenestration).

Flexibility to print the cutting list, fittings list and glass list all at the same time or separately, the choice is yours.

Not sure your joiners will like the cutting list layout? There are over 50 different styles of cutting list to choose from. JMS gives you the ability to customise every one of them to suit your business, workshop and joiners requirements.

Joiners in the workshop have also welcomed the new JMS generated job sheets and cutting lists. They like having all information in one place so they can start the job. Antony confirms, “It makes their life easier and speeds up production.”

Anthony, Beehive Joinery


  • Remove mistakes from long hours spent calculating cutting lists
  • Two styles of cutting list offered, summarised and detailed
  • Instant cutting list produced from quotes
  • No additional input required
  • Save a lot of time
  • Allows you to concentrate on joinery, instead of admin
  • Enter machine sizes directly from cutting lists
  • Include true scale diagrams
  • Reduce errors and wastage
  • Increase efficiency

Detailed Cutting List

Detailed cutting list provides diagram of each item (casement window, sliding sash, door or door frame, or screen). Window components are listed and rough and final lengths are given.

Sliding sash provides sash weights and fitting lists provides vents, weights and pulleys. Everything that is needed to produce each item is listed in an easy to read format.

Workshop can easily work on different items for an order, with clear paperwork for each joiner.

Cutting List Summary

The cutting list summary provides all the information you need to produce your casement windows, sliding sash, doors and doorframes or screen. Once the customer quote or estimate is confirmed, NO MORE INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE ENTERED! At the press of a button detailed or summarized cutting lists are provided by JMS. You choose the preferred cutting list for your workshop.

The summarized cutting list groups all wood for casement windows together. It does the same for sliding sash and doors and doorframes. The item description and window it refers to are clearly marked as well as displaying rough lengths, final lengths and rebates.

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