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A chance encounter proves beneficial for Usk Valley Joinery

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Jan 2018

USK Valley Joinery CompositionAdrian Davis at Usk Valley Joinery has been involved in joinery since leaving school to become an apprentice bench joiner. His career has taken him into construction too and he set up his own construction company in 2008 and then added in a joinery workshop in 2015. As a builder and joiner he certainly knows how to multi-task. One thing that makes this easier however, is the purchase of Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management System (JMS) which he purchased before he opened his joinery workshop.

The joinery workshop employs one full time joiner, and one apprentice as well as Adrian. They undertake all types of bespoke work, including doors, windows, stairs, oak buildings, extensions, cabinets, and CNC work for other joinery manufacturers. With no previous experience or knowledge of software, it wasn’t something that Adrian thought he wanted or needed, but he discovered JMS by chance, when buying machines at the ‘Working With Wood’ Show, W14, at the NEC. Fed up of giving his joinery work to other companies to manufacture, when Adrian set up his own joinery workshop, he decided to purchase JMS on the strength of what he’d seen at W14.

Adrian liked the simplicity of the software which, once set up, allows you to input your dimensions and then basically gives you everything you need to manufacture, from quotation right the way through the manufacturing process.  Adrian says, “JMS was the obvious choice to help me quote quicker. I would have to do the pricing anyway, as it’s all in my head. Once the Joinerysoft system is set up it is so quick for me to quote and make changes, where necessary, that I can change all the timber in one go, or just change a single component.”

Adrian says, “I found the software easy to learn; it also helped that the trainer was a joiner himself.” He adds, “The only thing I found hard was sitting still for the two days training as I’m not used to sitting in front of a computer!”

Joinerysoft support, Adrian finds particularly useful. He says, “I’m dyslexic and can find things hard to learn, but once I’m shown something it stays in my head, so the LogMeIn function where the support joiners log on to my computer remotely and show me how to do something is brilliant.  It’s much better than just being told how to do something.”

“The software has definitely won me work,” says Adrian, who confirms that other companies often don’t bother to quote even after they’ve measured up, often being too busy or the quote just taking too long. He adds, “With JMS I can do a quote for 15 items in just 10 mins, while I’m having my tea break and email back to the customer, barely 2 hours after the site visit.” Adrian explains, “The accuracy of JMS means that if a customer wants a quick price for a job, I don’t have to worry about missing something out with JMS.” The software calculates the entire job including timber, labour, fittings, glass and other materials. He says, “What I like about the software is the flexibility to change items quickly, in seconds.”

With a busy schedule, being able to multi-task is essential for Adrian. He admits, that during the interview for this article, he was able to concurrently create a new house style in the JMS Wizard and alter a quotation to use an alternative timber. He says, “Changing the timber for 16 windows is easy with JMS as the software recalculates automatically, and changes all the prices in the quote so all I have to do is press, Print!” 

Adrian says, “JMS has definitely helped my business grow as I wouldn’t be able to respond to all quotes, without JMS.” He adds, “I can’t tell you how much time it’s saved as I’ve used JMS since I started the joinery workshop, so I’ve never known anything different.”

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